Has anyone had an ex who tried to hurt you and if so how did you overcome that hurt?

I have an ex who I was with for 4 years. In Jan. of this yr he broke up with me and got married last month. I have a child with him and yesterday when I seen him, we talked a bit and he was saying to me how I should have been where his new wife is and how she is a sweet and loving person who he met and wanted to marry quickly. Of course I didn't let him see that this bothered me, but deep down it did.

He moved out may of last yr and tried to reconcile in Aug, things were ok until his anger problems started flaring back up. He wanted me to blind relocate back to his apt. but I told him I wanted to see some real changes in his behavior. He got upset about this and was nice to me through mid Dec. and in Jan he cut me off like I meant nothing to him.

So my question is has anyone had an ex try to hurt you and if so, how did you personally overcome the hurt that he or she put you through. I know he is happy with his wife, but it just feels like he was trying to make me feel even worse.


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  • dont let him make you feel worse... instead worry about the poor girl he just married who will one day be on the same receiving end...

    He wasn't worth it and sounds like you can do better... he's been with this girl 5 minutes, it will wear off and end quickly soon x

    • I dont wish anything bad on him or her, I just dont like how he treats me or how he likes to lie about everything. My son is the one who is being effected the worse, because he keeps asking if daddy is coming back home. I explain to him the best way I can to a 4 yr old, but then 20 min. later he will ask the same thing about his dad coming back home. It's very confusing for him.

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    • yes at the moment he sees his dad every week. So he is over there one wk and then over at my house one wk

    • ok well get him a calendar and colour his dads week in and then he will know where he will be and when as you cross off the days... explain this to your ex and so tell him you will need to know if he can't have him a month in advance as he requires the stability... it may be worth getting another for your ex and colouring your weeks in too so he knows when he will see mummy... it may be enough of a routine to get him sorted at the moment x

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  • You just have to move on with your life and not think about him like that anymore. Its not like it can ever be salvaged so dwelling on it for years to come will only affect you in a negative way. If he had unaddressed anger issues then you did nothing wrong by wanting to see progress in that regard. Best thing to do is ignore him when you can tell he is saying things to spite you. He is just lashing out and if you hide it he may give up his antics. Does his partner know about his anger issues?

  • Sounds like that guy is not very stable.

    My first serious relationship was a disaster. She'd keep cheating on me and then deny it and I'd stupidly give it another chance. She was really nasty to me and slapped me in the face in the middle of the school hallway. She'd invite an ex into her room late at night and it was obvious yet I was the "bad guy" for not tolerating it. It was already bad enough that she was a self mutilating drug addict. So that shoulda been my sign to avoid her. She had another ex she'd "hang out" with for weed too. I knew how she was paying him back.

  • Yes, I overcame it by completely ignoring her... acted like I didn't care, and she didn't exist. It worked like a charm. People don't like to be ignored when they're trying to get to you...


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