What's worse about this situation?

Your ex kickin it with an old friend who is known for being fake and not looking out for the well being of his friends. Or your ex messing with that old friend of yours who she knows you can't trust. I had to let her know I know that she has been kickin it with him. I had a feeling in the bottom of my heart for awhile so I just waited until he could finally tell me the truth. I don't know how I feel. Doesn't surprise me, should I feel betrayed?


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  • I would feel validated in character judgment and wonder
    I am continuing to monitor such bad news from bad people.
    It doesn't make me happy and blocks time better spent shopping for genuine people that care about me & me them.


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  • You shouldn't feel betrayed. Once it's your ex you just let them go. They can do there own thing and you can do yours.


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  • Neither matter.

    It's an ex. And the "friends" you're talking about are not true friends anyway. They're the type of guys you can't trust as you just said.

    Let them be miserable together and wash your hands of all of them.

    If these were people who care about YOU this wouldn't even be a thing. Since none of them are sitting around worried about how you feel then stop wasting your energy worrying about what they're up to.

    Go do you !


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