My friend told my ex?

my friend told my ex boyfriend I was sorta dating his friend. now his friend wants nothing to do with me, and my ex wants me back. I'm in love with his friend. what should I do? what can I do?


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  • I don't think you can to much. Either the friend wasn't aware of you two dating or is respecting his friends wishes, but either way it sounds like knowing his friend (your ex) still cares about you, he doesn't want to try and come between him and cause problems.

    Only time is really going to allow this to pass unless you want to try talking to his friend and finding out what is up and why he doesn't want to have anything to do with you now. So that you know for sure.

    • Good advice, also don't forget that maybe your ex was just jealous when he heard about you and his friend. talk to the friend and see what's up, I would stress not getting back with your ex.

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  • Tell your ex to f*ck off. Tell your "friend" to f*ck off AND die. Then fight for your man.

    Your odds aren't long, but you can't let this consipiracy of bastards just have its way.

    P.S.: Consider some long-term changes in the company you keep.

    • Yeah but my ex's friend said he wanted nothing to do with me now that my ex found out..i'm guessing he wasn't looking for long term even tho he told me I was marriage-worthy

    • This is where the "fighting for him" bit comes in.

      If he doesn't want you to contact him, respect that, but loudly. Let him know the door's open if he wants to contact you, and once it's all blown over and everyone's grown up a little, check in and see if he feels the same way.

  • I was in your ex's position once. I was p*ssed but I moved on. When they broke up, we started talking to each other again. I'm actually trying to hook back up with her as we speak.


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