Girls, How can women move on so fast after a long term relationship ended?

We were together for 3 years. We planned on moving in with each other and talked about getting married. Three months after our break up she is trying to date. The day before she ended it she told me how great she thought I was and that she was glad to have me in her life and that we loved each other.

We we had a very nice, family oriented, active and loving relationship, or so she told me and what I believed to be true.

Thoughts on what hat is going through a woman's mind during this stuff?

she reached out to me pretty regularly of the past three months and recently deleted me and blocked me from FB. I never initiated contact either through phone, text or FB unless she did first.

I posted a photo on FB of me with two other ladies that my ex doesn't know and could that be the reason for her sudden actions? I'm not sure what she expected to happen. She left!


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  • maybe she's trying to forget you or trying to move on but still can't.

  • She hasn't moved on.

    • It seems like she has. At leas to me anyways. She was even on a dating site for two days until she disabled it. What does that mean? That was around the same time I posted some the pics. Any thoughts on that?

    • She's obviously pissed of the pic u posted, im sure she's checking ur fb as u r checking her's
      But why did the relationship end all of a sudden?

    • We are not friends on FB so I don't know how that would be possible.

      I never got a reason really. We never even had a discussion about anything that was bothering her. One day she loved me and the next day she wanted space. She could never give any examples as to why she did what she did. She still hasn't told me

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