Why would he do this to me?

We've been broken up for a few months and my ex still calls and texts me. So he got back into contact with me after a month of not speaking because I told him I needed space because he was the one who ended our relationship. At first his conversations with me were just friendly then little by little he would ask how I felt about, if I was seeing anyone, and if I missed him. He also said he still loves me, and cares about me. So recently he said he wants to be with me and I told him I wanted to be with him, and he told me he never wanted to lose me.

so just last week he wanted to talk to me but I was at work so I told him when I get home I would call him. So he texts me "I actually care about you" and "are you ready" then says "I think I'am going to have to find myself again." So I call him and he sounds drunk and he was hard to understand. I told him if he didn't want me to let me go and he says no I'm not letting you go. I feel so hurt again because I let him back into my life now he does this to me and I feel so heart broken again.


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  • whoa he was drunk u know... or at least sounded drunk... probably he was... so he didn't understand much about wot he said

    and i don't see anywhere he says he doesn't wanna be wid u, at least when he was sober... so i believe there r many chances he'll get back to u


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  • Damn where did you meet this person? Burn me once ok... depending on the degree... burn me twice mother fucker you will see true Scorpio status👍


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  • He's playing games with you, very unfair of him but you might have to let him know that you won't be jerked around either.

  • He's testing your psyche ma


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