I'm tired what to do?

I really love this girl but things are just getting to hard. We are supposed to be getting married soon and we are getting closer to the date, problem is she says she is so excited but won't put the effort into the planing. I always have to ask her about things she told me she would take care of because she says the will be but I never hear about it again unless I repeatedly ask her. Also she finally filled for divorce after being separated for almost 2 years in June and that still isn't done like she said it would be and when I ask why she gets mad at me. It just seems like I'm doing everything on my end and she's dropping the ball on hers. She says everything is fine but her actions say other wise.
I've seen the paperwork from the lawyer she's not lying about the divorce if that's what your trying to say.
I did some digging and found out for myself her case# and the status of it and everything is proceeding fine and it will be done shortly.


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  • Hopefully that divorce is finalized b4 your wedding... this is all I can say. At this point things aren't really looking promising

    • Not what I'm saying. What I am suggesting is that the divorce to be finalized will have a far longer period of time. I believe your date is scheduled too soon. It might really be a blessing and not a curse. Look at it from a ray of sunshine😊

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  • duuuude, this is like red flag central. How can you be trying to get married with a woman who's still married even if she is separated. Has she even had time to process what she's going through or is divorce just something she does? Seems like a bad idea to rush into marriage with a woman like that in my opinion.


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  • So, you're pretty much trying to pursue a married woman?
    She's telling you she wants a divorce from her husband but isn't following through?

    Don't believe what she's telling you.
    If someone was unhappy in their relationship and wanted a divorce, they would get one.
    The fact that she's getting angry at you and still staying in her marriage shows that she is feeding you lies.

    She's probably very happy with this man but wants to have her cake and eat it too.
    She wants you on the side as well.
    Be smart enough to see this and leave!


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  • I doubt if she will not run in the wedding or before it


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