How can I stop texting my ex Boyfriend?

We together 6 years, broke up since end of May bcoz he wants his freedom and wants to fuck around ( he literally said and did it) . I hate him bcoz his decision made a mess of my life, but I cannot stop texting him- missing or hating, I just want to text him and let him know. I am getting better since I start dating other guy, and texting him less, but he is starting block me since I texted him less! I don't know why, he definitely doesn't want me back anymore, I thought he would feel happy for me and be friendly with me at least... overall I wasn't the one broke his heart! And since he blocked me everyway except email, I want to text him even more now.. I don't know how to stop it... I feel so bad about myself..



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  • oh I did that... I got abuse then I disappeared when he blocked me then he messaged me and got a girl to call me and abuse me...

    that will happen to you... you've become obssessed with him.. the ex to me is a bit of a twat... he takes up 6 years of Ur life and then tells u he wants his freedom.. Ur with a guy now U neither like or love.. I know this because if u did like or love him U wouldn't even let that ratbag cross Ur mind...

    wrote down all the things I'd like to say to ex.. keep writing on paper.. write until Ur hands are sore good thing is U aren't making a fool
    Of urself... he isn't sitting with his friends saying look at this haha she's desperate calling U crazy and pyscho...

    trust me when I type this... MEN LIKE HIM WILL CONTACT YOU IF UOU LEAVE THEM ALONE! By time idiot contacts U probably for sex or boredom the power is in Ur hands... U GET TO BLOCK HIM IGNORE HIM TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT.. You've given Ur self respect Ur dignity Ur power straight into his hands... I did exactly the same I was the crazy stalker bitch... now it's him stalking me and I hate his Fkin guts... so girl read what im writing to you you emotional train wreck... STOP put pen to paper and get writing and dump the boyfriend Ur doing to him what Ur ex has done to U... it's not nice... take time out of life.. hit the gym become someone the goodlooking men want and never mind the ex.. have nice hair nails become really beautiful.. and have men want U rather than chas after scumbags

    • It's a feeling of been power less and restless.
      There is still many things I cannot understand before I have been forced to accept it.
      I know we have to learn our emotional ownership. But he certainly holding the key of my emotions not bcoz I gave to him now, but all the life together in the past 6 years.
      I am trying to not to do stupid things like wait in his downstairs or office lobby and just ask him why he is the one blocking me while I wasn't the one break his heart.
      Only thing I can do is tie myself up in the gym when I cannot tell the differents from tears and sweats... he will never understand I guess. Man will never understand. All they think is... she is psycho and crazy.

    • I do understand U I was U trust me.. the phone calls the texts etc... then when the pain has past you will feel embarrassed... and I think you know you're making a fool of yourself and Ur trying to rectify it... leave him alone it's hard I know, but leave him alone and he will come back not when you expect but he will... it's called hoovering up when noone else will have him.. when he does the power is now yours imagine the exhilaration of pay back to ignore him to block him... it's amazing and it all changes.. you don't want him back you've now seen how he treats you... you want him to notice the pain Ur in... wrote down Ur feels delete his number and things do get easier...

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  • He was in your life for 6 years, and some of your most youthful years. This thing is going to hurt and its not going to go away soon. Your urge to text him is a mixture of loss and a lack of closure. It may help you to analyze the relationship and gain some kind of personal growth and perspective from it, so that you have something you can take with you (besides pain and mistrust). At some point he woke up and just didn't care, yet he was patient enough with you to stay 6 years so if he was really a playboy I think he would of have left after 1st or 2nd date. I am sure something happened, even something small day by day.

  • It's been a traumatic breakup for you, and it's going to take time to recover fully from that. Give yourself time because unfortunately time is the only real healer of wounds.
    Keep your friends close, keep distractions to a maximum (yes rebound hard and fast if you need to) so you don't think about him.
    When you feel like you want to text him or email him, catch yourself and tell yourself that you are better than that. You are a beautiful catch and you can be with someone who will respect you and make you feel good. It's the people who hurt us most that somehow garner the most attention from us sometimes. Don't allow yourself to drift in his direction, ever. Swim the other way.


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  • Block his number.


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