I think my recent ex-boyfriend is suicidal, should I help him?

So my ex broke it off with me less than 2 weeks ago because he felt the spark was gone in our relationship and his feelings had changed. he said he doesn't beleive in love. I was devestated. He said that he cares about me so much and he still wants me in his life because I am such a good person. We contined to spend alomost every day together after the breakup & still slept together every night. He called me last night because something had happened in the day that upset him and he needed to talk to someone who understood. This moring I had a feeling that I should add Tinder because of a dream i'd had and sure enough he was on there to. I was upset because he had said that he was not breaking up because he wanted to meet anyone else, he just couldnt handle a relationship atm and that he would wait a respectable amount of time to move on. I emailed him saying 'nice to see you're already on Tinder'. He emailed back saying he was sorry and that he was really lonely and depressed last night. He called a suicide hotline that reccommened he talk to new people but tinder made him feel more down. He said that he feels so emotionally alone even around other people and he hates were he is in his life. I'm really worried about him and don't know if I should and how to help. I think he is doing amazingly in his life and he is an awesome person. i'm staring to think this may be part of the reason he broke it off with me. what should I do?


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  • I think you should help him IF he's suicidal. Just keep your boundaries with him to prevent him trying to get back into your life. Also be VERY aware people like that may use emotional blackmail (I'll kill myself unless you...). At that point, realize the priblem is his and point that out to him. Direct him to counselling but do not get re-involved with him.


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  • you should talk to him.


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