My boyfriend's ex is a HUGE flirt and I still think she likes him? How can I tell?!

okay so my bf's ex is a huge flirt and she cheats on her boyfriend ALL the time... I can honestly say I hate her guts! recently he went out with a bunch of his friends and he KNEW she was going to be there and that it would upset me... and he went anyways... and when I asked him about it he tried to avoid the truth as much as possible... he said he tried to avoid it because he knew it would upset me and he didn't want to hurt me... but yet every time we get in a serious argument he ALWAYS brings up this girl and it's really hurting me... I don't know if when we fight he knows it will hurt and that's why he does it or if he has feelings for her still... or if she has feelings for him... but I gotta know cause we are going to a Christmas party and THE BITCH is going to be there so I need to know what's up so that I can react accordingly to the situation.


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  • Tell him that she's bothering you


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