Ex fling acted like I was a stranger?

Last summer I was seeing this guy for 4 months when he just ghosted me out of nowhere. This summer I ran into him twice the first time we made small talk and he was nice. The second time he didn't say anything but stared at me. Than, his friends came up to me and talked to me without him he saw them talking to me and I thought he was going to walk over instead he just walked right by us. throughout the night his One friend kept coming up to me because him and his other friends were talking to other girls. I really didn't want to talk to his friend because I didn't want him to think I was trying to get his attention, however I didn't wanna be rude and at one point I saw him look at me and laugh. Why would he act like this? I did nothing to him he actually broke my heart more than he thinks & I'm just very upset and embarrassed.


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  • ... Instead he just walked right by us.
    It's quite clear here, dear, that when this ghost of yesterday just 'Ghosted out of nowhere,' he lost interest and didn't want anything Steady or Heavy and Now... Why would he act like this?
    The First time around when you ran into him in town, he was 'Small talk and he was nice,' because he may have not wanted an awkward Kodak moment and with the Second try, with this same guy, he was merely Being... Polite.
    However, putting you on his pay no mind list, Three strikes Now he is Out. He is making you look and feel like a chick with egg all over her face that with 'Talking to other girls' and pretending you are Invisible, he is this Cock rooster who has come home to roost But... Not with you anymore.
    He thought it was a joke with still the yoke and seeing the sticky situation, he found it amusing and probably hoping that his Bud... Might try and nest with you.
    The next time you Run into him, don't stop to chat. What's good for the Goose, is now Good for the gander, as they say.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think it's a blessing in disguise my ex has done the most nastiest things to me since he dumped me... Id rather he ignored me but he puts me down... what you have there is a man who knows he hurts you and rather than give you false hope and calling you names chooses not to look back because he knows he broke your heart... one day he will have his heart broke and he will remember those he hurt.. if it makes you feel better men have it worse off when their hearts get broken... in time you'll heal it takes time though but you'll have learned never to give your heart away so freely to someone who will break it... keep strong though... don't look at him don't acknowledge him don't even talk about him... you become the best version of you and show him what he's missing.. but if he ever talks to you wanting you back.. don't take him back keep conversation short and walk away as fast as you can... As for him laughing then looking at you have no idea but shitty to do.. never mind him.. be glad he is ignoring you because at least you know where you stand..

  • just ignore it.


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