Is he really moving on?

Me & my ex/ also sons father have been together for 5years, & also on top of that we're on & off for 2 years so we have been together in a way for 7 years. Our break up was not pretty. I cheated on him with a co worker due to we drifted apart after his brother died. My ex forgot my bday, was never home, everything & everyone came before me & our son. i felt like a single parent always being alone with my son &I felt lonely. Which was very immature&selfish of me. When my ex found out, he was very hurt, telling me I was the love of his life and told me and also my mom that he would have married me and been together with me forever. He got everyone involved, making it public that I cheated, Facebook, my family, his family, my work etc. With it I did get a new job. With that said I forgave him but he would one day want to work on things and we would have sex and then the other day he wanted nothing to do with me &tell me I need to move on. We slept with eachother about 7 times after he found out I cheated. He says he doesn't know who I am. Anyhow I wanted to work things out bc I do love him, and offered to do anything and everything, conselor etc. One minute he would want to and the next told me to move on bc he is going to move on. A month into breaking up he has drunk called texted me saying how could I have done this and he wanted his old life back. After mediation for our son he said he couldn't move on. Then a few days later tells me to move on bc he is. Found out he's asking any girl on a date that will go with him, and is on a dating website. So bc he is moving on, I asked to have back copies of photos of us, my pregnancy and our son, my diamond necklaces, the flower cards he wrote to me and pictures he drew for me. He won't give any of it back to me. I told him he's going to just throw it out in the future anyways. & when exchanging our son he won't even look at me or make any eye contact, unless I have to ask him something about our son. Otherwise he just looks


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  • Wow I know you are still writing this but I think I am going to answer mid way...

    Firstly I am so sorry that you all had to go through this. My partner lost his father a little over a month ago and life has changed, I dont get on with his mother and he is now spending a lot of time with her and it annoys me as she is rotten to him. Anyway thats another story, my point is I know how it feels when they go distant etc.

    HOWEVER I wish you had come to talk about this before you cheated. I would have told you it wasn't worth it. Cheating is the worst thing you can do in a relationship. I would rather have a man hit me than cheat on me, at least then I know we can move on with things and I won't worry where he is whenever he isn't with me. I take it you want him back?

    • I did talk to him about it, beofre I cheated. Many of times... But I let my selfishness and neediness get the best of me. And yes I do, I still love him, I always have, even when I cheated on him, at the time I just wasn't happy in our relationship. now looking back at it, I should have been more there for him and just been patient and not so needy. I mean with all of this, has taught me a lesson, and even made me grow and change into a better person by being more independent and finding happiness within myself, and learning to be strong alone. So I feel like I did need this for myself to grow and better me. I know cheating is very bad but I have seen many couples overcome it and work through it.

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