How to break up?

I've been in a relationship with this girl since last year. I used to trust her blindly till the time she cheated on me.
When I caught her 3-4 times red-handed I decided to end things between us. But she cried a lot so much so that she fell ill. I felt sorry for that and I didn't break it up. But now I've come to know that she cries like that upon any small thing like that. And I'm a lawyer I don't get much time for mental stress and stuff like that. But she doesn't give me space and time.
So I have decided to end it up. But im afraid of her crying like that. She has no control over her emotions.
So im worried that after the break up she will trouble her parents by crying like mad. So I want to end tjings gradually so that this does not happen.
What should I do?


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  • ... She cries like that upon any small thing like that.
    It Will be hard for her, no doubt in my mind, to End the madness with Someone who sounds like she Is... Desperate and clingy and needy.
    She has learned very well just how to tug on your heart strings and this is why you are what I refer to as an "Enabler" who has allowed her to Continue the Full Circle Problem Pattern down this beaten path.
    She has also showed her other side which is Cheating so stop Cheating yourself and Stop worrying about the Cry baby. She probably would just go home to cry on mommy and daddy's shoulders but do Not Allow her to make You... Feel guilty while she is doing it.
    With someone like This, it might be best to keep her at arm's length, out of Your own Harm's way. If you yank off the band aid in person, face to face, you may have more trouble than you need and headaches in Getting your 'Goodbyes' Out and her Out of your life with strife you already have here, dear.
    Call her up and tell her you need time for yourself and you think with even more, you need Space as well. Tell her lightly you have been doing some thinking and you think it best at this time that you are Not in Any Relationship with your hectic schedule that is coming your way. Also inform her in between her boos and woes that you don't feel it is fair to her that you keep her hanging with how you are feeling and this your Ending Statement... Dismissed.
    I am not going to promise you she won't start going crazy and begin a new beguine of trying to get you to change your mind. But you need to stand your ground and be your own Judge and jury now that this is how it is going to go down and no Court Jester about It, with no jumping through hoops for her 'Blindly' anymore... I decided to end things between us.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to share and care.:)) xxoo

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  • Oh seriously? I'm sorry but have you considered that she crys like that because she knows it gets her out of bad behaviour? Doing it gradually means many days if crying and as a girl I can tell you we can tell when you're subtly moving away. Pull of the bandaid, make sure there's someone home with her for her safety and get it over with. Not like you don't have justification. Don't be afraid of salt water.

  • Tell her how you feel and exactly why you're breaking up. Unfortunately emotions are natrual and she will feel sad. But if she understands what the problem is she'll be more excepting.

  • If she's a person that cries a lot. This Will happen, if you break up with her, no matter what you do. It will hurt her either way.

    You just need to take a deep breath, talk to her in person, and break it up in person (no texting or calls!)
    She might cry a lot again, but it's because of her own doing. 3-4 times and you did take her back after the 1st time. You are patient :o
    And she should know from the 1st time that what she was doing is wrong.
    Now she has to pay the price. You're doing the right thing.
    The crying can't be avoided, but it has to be done


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