How do you get over a girl?


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  • sex, but sometimes doesn't work.

    get a rebound, they work pretty well.

    if you lived life perfectly fine before her you can live life perfectly fine without her.

    go on tumblr they always have some funny shit to laugh at.


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  • Time dude.

    It always hurts to lose a girl. Rather it ends well or badly, rather you just have a crush you let go, doesn't matter. It hurts. With time it stops. You will wake up one day and realize that you haven't been hurting for some time.

    When it hurts like this you build up a bunch of energy. It's all frustration, sadness, pain, and often anger. Take all that extra nervous energy and channel it into something productive. A lot of guys hit the gym, some channel it into a hobby. Obsess about something productive for a few weeks to dissipate all of that negative energy and before you know it you'll have forgotten most of why you were upset in the first place.

    The important part though is channeling it into something productive. Use the fuel to make yourself better so you'll be more attractive to the NEXT girl. Then go get that girl.


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  • You have to convince yourself that she doesn't exist moreover. Initially it will be difficult for you but soon you will get over it.

  • kill her. that's the only way. because when you see her with another dude you'll become depressed and want to end your life. so that's why you have to destroy her.


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