What should I do if my ex hears this gossip?

My ex and I want to get back together soon. I was in the dining hall at college talking to my friends about how I want to stop sleeping with the guy I've been hooking up with (protected of course). I was joking around with them about it, and I realized that at the same big table, this guy and his girlfriend were sitting there. I don't know if they heard anything, but then I looked the guy up and realized he is Facebook friends with my ex. I don't think they're friends in real life, but I'm still worried that he'll pass this information on to him. My ex says he'd understand if I slept with someone, because I know he's hooked up with someone too (not sure if it was sex though) but I know he'd be devastated to actually hear about it. If he hears about it, do I just say it's badly heard gossip and for him to forget about it?


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  • I wouldn't worry about it.

    If he said he'd understand, there's no reason to worry. If he was worried then he'll ask you directly.


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  • First of all, just relax. Quick story: I was seeing the jackass of the century. He had mental problems, was aggressive, no conscience basically. There was a guy I met at a party who he happened to know through athletics at my school. He told me if I ever started seeing this guy, he would tell him all of this horrible stuff about me that was untrue. Months later as it would happen, I started seeing that guy. (Still am). And I was *terrified* that this guy would spread a rumor about me. It never happened.

    Moral of the story, don't sweat the small stuff. Things will happen as they are meant to happen. You two are broken up, so even if he were to hear about it, you didn't do anything wrong. You are not required to tell him about it if you don't want to. But if he asks you about it, it's wrong to lie. Especially if you're thinking about getting back together with him. You're starting your relationship up again with a lie. (Not very promising.)

    • That's somewhat reassuring, esp. because this guy wouldn't even have a reason to tell him anything

    • Oh yeah no reason at all. I'm friends on Facebook with people I haven't even met before. So don't worry about it. If he hears about it it's not a big deal, and if he doesn't it's not a big deal. Don't sweat it. I highly doubt that guy will say anything.

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