Girls, Does "I knew he was eventually going to breakup with me so I broke up with him first" sound famillar?

Just curious if you've ever done this.

Im also curious to know if the guy you broke up with was someone that was perfect for you but had made a mistake and you used that as a reason to break up. If so, would you consider being with him again after realizing your mistake? Is there anything that he could've done or said to make you feel more secure?

I honestly feel I'm in the position of the boyfriend that fucked up at the moment. My friend told me that she had once said to him that she was afraid of screwing things up because she knows how much I adore her. I honestly feel like my mistake is being used as an excuse because she feels that she is going to be the one to mess everything up. The thing that's so stupid about it is that she did something very similar to me, if not worse, and yet I completely forgave her and it didn't mess up the relationship.

I'm going to meet up with her today after work to discuss this and I feel like the best course of action is just to call her out on her bullshit because at this point she's hardly even responding to my text or messages yet she comes over and we hang out and hug and kiss and cuddle and all that stuff but she's using her overbearing parents as an excuse as to why she can't reply to my messages and text.

If you have any thoughts on the matter please let me know :)
My method of approach that I'm considering is:

1. Pointing out that she had done something very similar to me and that it didn't destroy the relationship

2. Pretty much call her out regarding her not being able to text me because of her parents

3. Absolutely reassure her that I'm in this for the long-haul and that we can make it through this together
We used to be so open and honest about everything and now I feel she's just retreating. From my perspective this is only going to make things worse and not better.

Again if any of you ladies can set me straight on anything that I'm thinking please do so. It would be nice to know that I'm doing things the best way possible :)


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  • I've never done that.

    • Thanks. I know it happens though. Insecurities make people do funny things.

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