WHAT SHOULD I DO? My ex likes me again I believe?

So I believe my ex likes me again and I thought wants to get back together now. I want to get back together with him.

The reason I think this is because when we hang out he is a lot more affectionate and passionate. He is caring i can tell. We did some stuff we did when we were together and we haven't before. One night he thanked me for going over and told me that he had a good time which he never done. He asked for my opinion on things he hung up in his apartment and told me how much some of those things are. Sometimes he will hold me and cuddle with me the whole time I'm there.

However, my concern is that he doesn't talk to me during the week to at least see how Im doing or we don't hang out as much as I thought we would start doing. For example I haven't heard or seen him in a week. Although when I do text him he answers within a minute now usually and he didn't before.
Guy's please help!!!


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in his own softie spot, there sometimes comes a time, down a find line When... My concern is that he doesn't talk to me during the week...
    With 'We did some stuff we did when we were together and haven't done before,' this Also goes to show you that some of the Other 'Stuff' is that he doesn't have to be hooked at the hip anymore or feel Committed to call or even text any time you may feel he should, and can Now see you when it is convenient because you both are Not these two birds of a feather in a nest anymore That... Stick like glue, this is new.
    Yes, he seems to have changed some of his colors and you are getting a soft side that you may have not gotten before. However, he may want to just take his time for now, nursing and nurturing a special something that he has found with you and wants it to go slow with his own flow.
    As wise an owl that I believe that I am, do Not let him mistake your weakness for kindness by being this Enabler who Allows him is upper hand and you never know where You stand.
    I believe as well that open lines of convo may be your best friend right About now. Come to some sort of cozy compromise so it doesn't end up to suddenly to Be... A friend's with benefits factor' that you never saw coming during the sweet love birds of humming.
    Good luck. xx

    • So he does want to get back together? What should I do about this then?

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    • You welcome

    • :)) xxoo

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  • Responding immediately is a very good sign. He may think that he is bothering you unless you reach out first. Ask him how he feels. Don't let anymore time go by.

    • We'll I asked him at least why we don't hang out as much and he says he's busy and I have actually tried to text him during the week and he doesn't respond if he's busy ( I usually know the time frame he'll be busy with work or whatnot) but he always tells me that he didn't get my text if he doesn't respond

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    • What do I do?

    • Okay, but still no excuse for him to put you, someone who is still special, on his pay no mind list.. go about your life and just show him you are busy yourself and not sitting round and when he gets in touch with you, which I am sure he will in time, decide if you want to hang Out that day or on Your own time instead. xx

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