How do you get an ex to want to talk to you more, hang out with you more, and just open up to you where he can eventually commit to you again?

Any suggestions! !!


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  • Same hobbies. My ex and I have been playing an online game together for few weeks now, and it's going great. He dumped me 4 months ago because he lost interest (we were together for 3 years and I won't deny that romance kind of died and I became needy), and after 3 months of barely any contact now it seems like it's all coming back. He was the one to initiate the game, and now we even see each other, call each other cute names and tease each other. No kissing or sex yet, but I'm not in the rush. Since the day we broke up I haven't initiated anything. Even when we would talk I wouldn't talk about us or our relationship or the breakup, I acted all cool like I nothing happened. I figured that an extra pressure won't do anything good. So I just went with the flow. I started going to the gym (got my ass all worked up), and had sessions with myself, deeply trying to solve the issue of my neediness and to figure out what happened to us. I realized I just need to relax more and care less. So I started being as happy as I could be, started doing new projects on job, and overall was just more independable and more happy. I guess he noticed it too and that's what attracted him to me again, like the first time we met. I never initiated anything after the breakup, it was all him, I was just being happy, nice and polite to him every time. But all of that wasn't any mind game or an act to get him back; when we broke up I was sure that was it. I accepted it. So now all of this is kind of surprise to me and I don't mind. I still love him and I would love to marry him. But if not, I'm also fine with that. I fixed my insecurity issues, the rest is on him to fix if he wants. If we do get back together I know I'll be much stronger person then I was past couple of months of our relationship. But I'm not gonna move a finger in getting him back, it's all on him. If he wants me he needs to man up and do it. It's not like I'm waiting either, if a good opportunity comes up I'm gonna go for a new guy. Neither of us was with anyone after the breakup though. I guess it all depends why you broke up and how long were you together. And how you broke up. Nothing is certain in life and you shouldn't be TRYING to make him do something, it's not gonna work. It's gonna be truly and from the heart if it does happen WITHOUT you doing anything with it. It's his life after all. All you can do is just be yourself, be happy, and hopefully he will notice and get turned on again.

    • True I like what you're saying. We broke up 9 or 10 months ago and we're together for 2 and a half years. I wish I can worry lead to and relax but my feelings get in the way especially now that I see he's acting differently towards me.

      Does teasing count and is a good sign.

      So I shouldn't ask him to hang out?

      The problem is we don't talk or hang out enough but he showing that he likes me when we do hang out and it feels normal when we're together like nothing ever happened even though it did.

      I just don't know what to do?

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  • Good luck! One of the most perplexing problems since the dawn of the human race and no one has a fool-proof-works-100%-of-the-time answer.

    • Right just asking for suggestions or what worked for people that went through it

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    • Sure, I think that's a fair question especially since he's an engineer. Engineers think in terms of cause and effect. You are seeing an effect, but you are trying to determine the cause. In essence, by asking him, you are a relationship engineer who is reverse engineering your relationship.

    • What? Please explain?

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  • Not all boys are f boys but the majority of them are. If he broke up with you, the best thing is to just keep looking firward and DONT LOOK BACK. you'll find someone who wants you and only you. you deserve someone who you don't have to fight to get his attention. You are better than that. Just stop yourself from thinking about him and stay busy. Good luck! 😊

  • im in the same thing right now with my ex but the best thing u can do is wait for him if he really miss u n wants to b with u he will contact u and will try to see u.

    • But I know he likes me again just won't move forward with this for some reason and it's taking some time

  • you don't, because all boys are fuckboys.

    • You got no suggestions

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