Is she going to end it?

OK I've been in a long distance relationship for a while now and the girl and me love each other and see each other like once or twice a month only because of the distance. we both say that we want to last a long time but we had a recent conversation where she said its getting really hard not being able to see me and the whole thing is really hard all the time when we aren't together. it also had me worried because she also said a few times that she loves me and doesn't want to hurt me which got me thinking that maybe she's only staying with me so I won't be upset.

she always says that I'm so good to her and that she loves me so much but I'm getting worried that she might not want to keep trying and keep us together until we can be close. we were talking about Christmas presents right b4 the convo and even about visiting her at the end of January for a dance by her and when we had the convo she was upset that I might not get to go and I try to reassure her. we talked on the phone after it and she said she loves me so much and that I'm amazing which she always does but she seemed upset so I'm getting worried. if anybody could help answer this I would appreciate it very much. also ill try to update it cause I left out sum details I can't think of cause its upsetting.

OK I just read the convo and just an update she said that she doesn't wanna hurt me and she does love me but she does have doubts and she only hasn't given into them because she loves me so much. I don't know how to take that
i am, I think this whole thing with us is fixed we talked about it on the phone and she said she's OK and she was just upset about not seeing me. thanks for the help


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  • Im in a long distance Relationship myslef and it is Realllllllllllllllllllllly hard, I hate every part of it! and I understand what your girlfriend is going throw, She just wants you to tell her that its going be alright and you two gonna move in togther soon.

    • Well we're only 17, juniors, and she said that she wants to last long enough with me to b able to move into together by the time we get to college cus we go so well together, I tried to tell her that we'll make it and I don't know if it did any good, ill try again tomorrow

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    • Well we had another talk about losing each other last night, which she almost dumped me during cus she was so upset, but we're trying to take it 1 day at a time now cus losing each other is gonna happen, even if she said shed always come back

    • Well its over now, she still says she loves me and she wants to like act like a couple but not b official so yea she dumped me, guess I can forget about this question now

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  • Distance is hard, it's emotionally exhausting and it can even be physically tiring. Me and my boyfriend see each other once every 2-3 months now. It wasn't always like it. But we love each other, and we're making it work. Maybe she feels like she can't handle it, it's alot!

    • Yea I think that's exactly it. she always says she's not gonna give up tho cus we're only 17 so its gonna b a year b4 we can b together but I told her I'm not gonna give up on her. we were just together a few days ago and I told her ima miss her so much and she was the one that said "we'll make it" I don't know if she's giving up or what :/

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    • Theres always a chance that you guys might get back together if broken up. But I wouldn't hope for that too much, in case it doesn't happen it could be a huge let down. but hopefully you two make it.

    • Yea I obviously hope we do too

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  • I'm guessing the only way the relationship can be fixed or grow, is if your in the same proximity in the near future.


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