My ex plays me hot and cold, what's the deal?

My ex and I dated for a long time and had a bad break up. We've been broke up for a year and after months of not speaking we started talking again. I initiated talking to him again but every time we talk I start the conversations. We end up texting for like three days straight then mid conversation he stops answering. He asked me to get ice cream with him but we didn't make a plan about when we would go. A week later after not hearing from him I asked what he's got going on this week to get some ice cream. He never answered. He asked me to go then went MIA. Why would he ask me to go then not try and make an actual time to go and why does he go MIA mid convo?


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  • Why did you break up in the first place? Who wanted to break up first?

    • He wanted to break up. He said his friends influenced his decision. We had been doing long distance for two years and said it got to be too hard but if we were in the same city there would be no doubt we would be together. It would still be another year before we'd live in the same city again

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    • what do you mean? me or him?

    • It depends. I'm had a situation similar to yours really but I couldn't ever keep her... Here we are... Distance... Seems like the only real solution is to be together in person and sort it out... Distance kills

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