Ex boyfriend trying to get my attention?

I realize he might not even care about me at all because he broke up with me, but within the past couple of weeks two of his friends have sent me pics of him. One last night. He told me this past weekend that he loves me and misses me and I didn't tell him I love and miss him except that I miss our friendship. My friend posted a picture on snapchat of me with another guy I've been seeing. I'm pretty sure he knows about the other guy. Today he deleted my best friends on snapchat. Is he trying to get my attention or move on? I still have feelings for him. It's only been a month since we broke up. I really want to not have ANY feelings for him anymore and not care at all, but I do.


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  • Ah young and in love. That is tricky. Tell me why do you need to be away from him or with him? Did he do something other than break up with you?

    • Well I still have feelings for him bc he was my best friend for 8 months and I was completely in love with be with him. He dropped me out of the blue for no real reason

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    • I completely agree lol! His friends were always trying to get him to break up with me and he said they were jealous. Ridiculous

    • He also sounds weak if he didn't tell his "friends" to fuck off. Just sayin'

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  • He's trying to make you jealous and isn't over you. But it does not necessarily mean he really loves you. Men will say anything to get a woman back tbh. But, ultimately it's his actions during a rship that tell you the hard truth. I broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago and I can't be happier. I know I made the right decision and since you have alr decided you do not want to have Any feelings for him anymore then you should do your best to stop thinking about him. Separation and your time away from him is the BEST start to this 'fight' cause it will be a struggle if you are not strict with yourself. Also, either delete his contact no. Or place him under "do not pick up" jic he tries to booty call you (if he is the type who drinks).

    It's norm to still feel smth for him now, one month post breakup.. I mean, you're not a robot. Give yourself time (some say the longer the rship the longer it takes to get over someone, but i also think the depth of the rship has to do with it) , so dont set expectations that you 'should be over him by now' One day you won't miss him anymore, one day all he'll be is a memory in your past. Hope this helps!

    • Wow thank you very much! You did help

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