Guys, I want to know what makes a man regrets breaking up with a girl?

I'm asking this because I'm suffering due my boyfriend (now ex) breaking up with me.
I was very good for him, but he broke up with me saying he has fear of commitment.


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  • did he regret about wot he did then?
    but anyway he said he was afraid of commitment and that's y he broke-up... he was clear at least. i believe he'll run back to u, once he wants to commit...

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your opinion. What would regret leaving a person who always treated you right?
      Im wondering how can somebody leave a relationship without thinking about the others feelings

    • then... i'm afraid he didn't care as much as u care about him :/

  • Your basing your question around how to get back at him... not a good idea. I see that "fear" he has as an excuse he used to get with this other girl. Just be glad it did not continue


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