Is he being stubborn.. or is he gone for good?

We are middle school sweethearts; each others first love. We were on and off due to his rough life, when he was younger, he moved about 2 hours away from our home town. I started partying a lot and being just plain dumb. I met a guy and got pregnant within the first 5 months i never loved my daughters father. And of course it hurt the hell out of my ex. I guess I was just trying to rid the fact that i missed him and i turned to sex and drinking. Long story short when my daughter was 9 months my daughters father left with no trace. When my ex found out he was gone he came back to our home town and after 2 months of talking (on valentines day) we were together once again. Happiest moment of both our lives. In our 3rd year together things started getting complicated mostly because of me. I was ungrateful and selfish. But had his faults also, he couldn’t keep a job and he was constantly smoking weed. But instead of helping him by talking to him and patiently waiting I would constantly break up and yell at him which always led to arguing. He had two close family members pass away so it was a hard year for him but that’s when my selfishness came in the worst I stupidly have rathered to go out than be there with him through it all I guess I was just so mentally drained about everything. We broke up and he right away got together with this girl that is completely the opposite of what he likes. She's so materialistic so plastic.. when he's so good hearted and down to earth. I heard she treats him worse than i did she's extremely jealous but he seems to let her run all over him. he's constantly crying and stressed trying to impress her. Im close to his sister and I never ask about him but of course i hear things. He is constantly asking about me and my daughter. So i tried reaching out to him through his sister just to check up on him see how he's doing.. but he hasn't reached back out. Why is he putting himself through all this heartache with her? Why hasn't he reached out?


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  • he's gone for good.