What should I do?

The thing is that me and my ex have been on and off for six years, the last time we broke up was because he said I didn't have my life together (no job, no friends, etc) So I moved on. I went back to school, and right there I met another guy, much younger than me by the way (6 years younger, but legal :P ) we dated for like three months but on the second month from my relationship, my ex came back as a friend but after seeing that I was finally moving on from him, he was trying immensely to win me back, saying he was sorry and that he should have understood my perspective back then. But then I had to break up with my new boyfriend because he was acting very immature. So then after my ex saw that me and my boyfriend broke up, he tried even harder to win me back, and I fell for it.

Now, two months later he stopped talking to me again because he says that I am too negative and I'm not trying hard enough to get on my feet in life. He doesn't understand that I need understanding. I gratuated this past June and haven't been able to get at least one interview, I have applied everywhere I can. I don't know why he leaves me when things go dark in my life. The reason he says I'm too negative is because yes I admit I can get a little fuzzy but it's because it seems that everywhere I go, a door shuts in my face. He even admitted that when we hang out and start having fun I'm happy, but when we're on the phone and start talking about my problems I get negative. One thing that I remember when he kept convincing me to get back together was when I told him I didn't want to get back because I was tired of him always breaking my heart, and he swore he wouldn't anymore if I gave him another chance. I still have him on facebook and the other day he was even complimenting another girl all flirty with her.

So now tell me: Is this my fault? Should I apologize for being too negative? Should I move on? I've lost practically everyone, I only have one friend but sometimes she's too busy with her own life.


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  • You need to move on. It will never be. You've had six years to make it work and it hasn't. Sorry


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