My ex is hanging out with my brother?

So my ex and I were on and off for a really long time. We've been broke up a little over 2 weeks. Now he is starting to hangout with my brother. My ex is 26 and my brother is 18. What's going on? My ex and I haven't spoke since the breakup. I even asked my brother if he said anything about me and he says no, they don't talk about me.


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  • He's trying to stay close to you without actually being with you. I tried the same thing several years ago, thinking that if my ex saw me as being close to her family that it would get me back in her good graces. It's a stupid trick, but guys are stupid when they are trying to get a girl back.


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  • Were they friends while you were dating? If so, this wouldn't strike me as too odd.
    Just because your relationship ended with him doesn't mean his has to end with your brothers if they got along perfectly fine beforehand.
    In all honesty, this would make anyone feel awkward but I understand it.

    • They never hung out before we broke up. They'd say a few words but never hangout like they have been.

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  • They are just friends.


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