Should I Text My Ex?

Long story short, we ended things about four months ago pretty cordially and haven't talked since. We were together for a year and it hurt a lot but I feel like we have both moved on. I have just been thinking a lot about him recently and not in the angry way or in the I-wanna-get-back-together way, just I want to talk to him. I'm just scared of how it will go and how I will feel afterward. Thoughts?

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  • I am in a long distance relationship I broke up with that girl like 2 weak ago but still we are talking as a friend she accept me to have feelings again because she loose feelings for me. she said that she only have a bit of feelings for me for me a bit mean 0% . Don't know she again love me or not but we are still talking we never stop chatting but she only send me message only 1 or 2 in a day. She is testing me that I have patience or I don't argue for time but still in a serious condition... In you case don't know how much time it take to forget each other but if he still care abut you or if he choose to be with other don't know because you said that its only 4 month for me I think 4 month is easy to erase feelings but like you said you are talking about him again so you arose feelings again then if he also do like this with for you then it can help you both to meet each other okay... So do one thing message him again with sweet wordings so he can easily melt or you can CALL him ask about everything


Most Helpful Girl

  • Naturally it's normal to be curious with exes because we were so close at some point and wonder how their life is now without you. I'm not saying it's a bad thing - it's just normal. But why look backward? Look forward now. Exes are exes for a reason and there really isn't a great reason to suddenly pop up if you've both moved on. Even if you meet a new guy, he'll probably thank you for it. It's not a great feeling to be with someone and you're still curious about an ex or talking to them. I'm just thinking ahead. If you're both single and no one is in the picture I'm sure you're not hurting anyone, but I'm of the frame of mind that you ended things, and that's that. Time to keep moving forward and not looking back.


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What Guys Said 1

  • so u haven't talked for 4 months u say... guess some time has passed so it'd be ok if u text him by now. and judgin by how he'll respond... u can figure out how u'll move ;)


What Girls Said 2

  • Let sleeping dogs lie in their corners now, @ksrkatie... You have said a Spoonful with you 'Both moved on,' and if he hasn't pushed a button on his own to even say "How is it going, my friend?" then do not dig up old bones that may end up rattling your heart in its rib cage.
    As curious and as Tempting as it might be, in the end, you may have to start all over again from.. Square One.
    Good luck. xx

  • It will just end up making you feel angry or you will probably have sex with him. This had happened to me and three of my friends. It is better to forget your ex completely.


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