Why is he kicking off at me again?

We had a bitter break up last and he would always say "I don't want to talk to you", deletes me on Facebook and blocks my number.
Obviously I were trying to make things work and he became aggressive that led to the whole blocking my number. It finally hit me to just stop trying so to help me move on is getting rid of the temptation of messaging him. I blocked him on Facebook, deleted his number including our texts.

Only ly a few hours later, I get an aggressive text from him saying "why did you block me on Facebook you weirdo :')"
*last week* we broke up last week


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  • Sounds quite fishy to be honest, how many times has this actually happened because if this has happened more than once it seems like he's doing this for a reason.

    Whats the reason that the break up happens? any random distance or things getting in the way between either of you? Any arguments? Do arguments get worse around the time it happens? Who normally causes and starts the arguments if there is any before the break up happens? Who actually decides to break up?

    Once you answer those questions it will be easier figure out what's going on.

    • and noticed your correction about it being last week so I assume it's your first break up than so mostly just why did it happen if not unsure of why any of those things happened?

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    • I'm pretty sure I just said I don't know so I can't answer those questions.

    • I am not sure what kinda advice you're looking for but until you figure out why you guys ended it and why he believes you have trust issues there's no way to give you actual advice on why he did what he did, it could be a number of reasons, maybe he was cheating on you and used the break up as a excuse, maybe he was tried of chasing you and wanted you to chase him instead and realized after you blocked him and got rid of him that it wasn't happened anymore, maybe he just simply noticed that he realized he was wrong and wants to be with you, maybe he wanted to sleep with another girl and didn't want to actually cheat, maybe he doesn't know what he wants. There is so many maybes and no way to give you a direct answer without knowing what exactly went on and since you're not being open there's no way to give you a better answer sorry.

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