Ex and me still love each other, does he really want it over?

We had been together 2 years, moved in after 1. Were very serious bout each other, planned our lives together to move out to Aus and had even talked about the possibility of marriage one day. When we were first dating I'd cook for him, him me sometimes we went out on dates etc. After about a month we told each other we loved one another. After we moved in he got a new job which was really long hours and stressful, not paying enough money that he wanted. He becme lazy, withdrawn and depressed. This caused arguments cuz I would want to go out together & he would be so reluctant which made me unhappy. I also started to doubt his fidelity and one day a girl he'd never met wrote hopefully see you soon on his wall, so I looked on his facebook and even though he'd promised me he hadn't made plans to see her, he was! & was lying bout going running to impress her, so that made alarm bells ring. I flew off the handle at him, & him at me. He got so angry that I had lied & told me to get out, even though he didn't mean it. We ignored each other for a few days then he started saying we were stuck in rut going nowhere, he wasn't even sure he wanted to get married and definitely didn't want kids. However he wouldn't officially dump me, said it was my choice, but after what he said about marriage broke me, I did a childish thing dumped him on facebook, and wrote a nasty status. I didn't mean it & apologised the next day but he was fuming. We are now moving out but recently on good terms talking again. I asked him if he'd ever consider getting bck in the future he said whatever makes me happy. He has a new job starting today which I took him to, he is excited as it will be less hours and pay more and we are now talking and sleeping in the same bed but he still is unsure about us as a couple and still wants to move out. I just wonder might he reconsider getting back together once I have moved out? He says he still loves me and always has


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  • It sounds like he isn't too interested in the relationship at this point but he isn't commited to breaking up. He did lie about the girl and it does sound like he was planning on cheating with her if he didn't already.

    • well he ended up saying there was nothing malicious in it, whatever that means and that he lied cuz he knew I'd get angry about him doing that as I am a very jealous person. I know he has talked to her for years so it's probably a friendship, but she is very pretty and its certain he fancies her which is what made it just wrong for me.

    • we are actually broken up now, but I asked him would he consider getting back in the future and he sid whatevers best for me. So confusing! I just want him so much, I have never loved someone as much as him

    • But WHY do you love him? You also need to think over if he's truly what's best for you which it seems he most likely isn't.

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  • dump his sorry ass.


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  • If someone really loves you then he won't hurt you on the things you need like getting married and kids 😶


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