Are/were you the Cheater, the Cheatee, or the Cheated on in your present/past relationships?

I was the Cheated on :( I've also unknowingly at the time been the Cheatee (other man).
  • I am/was the Cheater in the relationship.
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  • I am/was Cheated on in the relationship.
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  • I am/was the Cheatee (other man/woman) in the relationship.
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  • I've been both the cheater/cheatee.
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  • I've been both the cheater/cheated on.
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  • I've been both the cheatee/cheated on.
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  • I've been all three.
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  • ... Brain too tired to make sense of your options so here's the answer in sentences:

    I sort of cheated on one girlfriend. She started college in a univeristy the far end of the country the year before (it had been a long distence relationship from the start) and I had been a bit jellous of her new friends (most of which where lads, who she was spending a whole hell of a lot of time with). Then I finished college and went on to university, even further away. And she suddenly got a bit erratic, sometimes really clingly and paranoid, sometimes hard to get hold of and dismissive. I found out later that she was convinced I was cheating... in the end I got fed up tried to end it, couldnt, gave in and let a lass who was mercilessly trying to seduce me have her way. The relationship was essentially already dead, but I still felt guilty for years. Still do.

    Then at the end of another relationship she dumped me, after getting distant for a while, and I found out that she had been sharing some pretty intimate stuff with another guy for a very long time, and I am pretty sure she was cheating for a while.

    And I once made out with a girl, after crushing on her for a while only to find out she was in a relationship and she had recently convinced twisted his arm into asking her to get married... so I stepped out of that sharpish because I refused to be a third party... actually that's happened a couple of times.

    So two of three and a couple of close shaves. Do I get a very sad prize?

    • Lol in the first paragraph, you were the Cheater. In the second, you were Cheated on. In the third, you were condsidered the unknowing Cheatee :)

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What Girls Said 6

  • Was with my ex for 8 months. Last month got a little shaky and he was being distant and ignoring me. I was really into him, more than any guy i've ever been with. He was actually a good guy until the last month, he just turned into a coward. During the last month, after ignoring my texts and calls for a week, i decided to go out with some friends and i got a little too drunk (drinking the sorrows away). This really good looking guy at the club started hitting on me and we chatted and danced and i went back with him to his place. We were making out and I was about to sleep with this guy but the guilt set in and i couldn't go through with it and left. I should of done it because a week later, my boyfriend finally messaged me saying that he had been talking to his ex and is now back with her. That whole week he was ignoring me, he was with her. So I guess i kind of cheated but he was cheating on me all along.

    • Boy oh boy... What a real situation you have on your hands... Smh

  • Cheatee or cheated on is the same thing...
    O. o

    Nope - none of it.

    • Not quite. The cheatee was the third person involved... Often the one who did or didn't know they were helping the other person cheat

    • Grammatically - not so...

  • B. To the point where I'm paranoid

  • Where is the no option? For all.

    • Lol I ran out of poll boxes. I guess just dont answer if it doesn't pertain to you.

  • i was cheated on

  • Unfortunately I was the one being cheated on


What Guys Said 2

  • Still trying to process cheatee

  • I was cheated on in my first marriage and my 3rd


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