Why would I not call her back, girls ask?

I was wondering why so many girls ask why he doesn't call her back and after studying me is usually not what girls think.

Girls think we don't call them because we lost interest, recently I found myself not calling girls for 3 main reasons:

-I run out of money to go out that week. Not even a penny. So even if I only have to pay for my ticket movie, that's still a lot, lol.

-I was not sure she was interested, she probably gave me her number to not be mean, and if I call her it will only make me look creepy and needy.

-I call her once already but she didn't show me interest back, so I just assume she didn't want to speak with me no more. Like she didn't call me or message me.


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  • Good points! But, let's say she DEFINITELY showed signs that she liked you... What gives then?

    • She will insist in me calling her back, or she will call me, or she will message me.

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