Reasons why a guy would want to live with his ex girlfriend that he cheated on andabused?

he cheated on me he was abusive we broke up February this year and he's trying to make efforts to get back into my life he has nowhere to go he saying that he's okay with not having sex with me and that he's just trying to get on his feet to get his own apartment but what I want to know is why would he want to live with me


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  • Abuse comes from a lack of empathy and an insecure need to control and dominate someone... and since he doesn't care about you (ignore what he says and pay attention to what he does) then of course he's going to want to live with you... because he can walk all over you, and it's free. It's win/win.

    Obviously do NOT allow him around or back in your life. Unless you're kinda into abuse and such.


    ~ Robby


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  • Because you're someone he knows that might let him live with you


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  • Because he's an abuser. They desire control even after the relationship is over. If he can get his foot in the door he figures he can manipulate anything out of you.
    Abusers don't like to let go. They fear abandonment, they're insecure, and they need power. You got out of the relationship taking that power away from him. He no longer has someone to push his insecurities on to. He no longer has someone to bully.

    Do NOT let him move in with you. You got rid of him once. He knows your capable. He will make it harder to get rid of him again. Things will get worse. Sure he may say no sex now, he may even agree to sleep on the couch. He may even do so for awhile... But he will slowly manipulate his way back in to your head, your bed, and your life. Before you know it this "apartment" he's looking for will be non existent. And his control over you will be more intense than before. Eliminate contact if you know what's good for you. Good luck.

  • Because this is his opportune way to get inside your head


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