Have I done the right thing?

Cut a long story short I was seeing a guy and only found out after 2 years of being with him he had a girlfriend and kids and another women on the side. It all blew up !!! I was fuming hurt upset confused. I confronted the other women and he told lies about me saying I was a stalking ex :( how could he lie. I told his girlfriend with children by text and today I felt upset I thought I hope he isn't saying the same thing to her ! We was in a serious relationship !!! I felt angry so I wrote a letter to his live in girlfriend and told her everything ! I didn't know he was with her he told me he was single :( I told her every little detail. Have I done the right thing I'm hurt


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  • I'm surprised you didn't catch on in the span of 2 years... holy obliviousness Batman!!

    • He lives 2 hours away and told me he lived with his brother , I trust :( and trusted him , what a fool I am

    • But I'm saying... this guy juggled the 3 of you and in this time frame no one thought anything was awry... this guy must be the David Copperfield of getting laid.

    • Hehe you have cheered me up lol

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  • Isn't that serious if he's making babies with someone else

    • I didn't know he was still with her , he said he was single

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    • She should receive the letter tomorrow , I'm feeling in control then I feel guilt then I'm scared he might come and kill me :/

    • He's not gonna kill you
      That's ridiculous

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