Why won't he answer my question?

We've been broken up for a few months now it was his decision, but he still calls/texts me every week. Sometimes he is really loving and says he wants me and says he's going to come see me, and texts/calls more during the week. Then the next week he acts distant but will call once and that's it. I feel very hurt by his behavior and am at my breaking point.

so 2 days ago he texts me and right away I could tell he was drunk but I asked him if we were ever going to be together or just friends and he just replied back really. So every question I asked he replied back with really or why. I got mad and text him "guess not but its ok because I know u never loved me I was just your rebound" and then I shut my phone off. In the morning I turning my phone on and I had 5 texts just saying why, really, you there, babe, why u there and 6 missed calls. I text him later in the day Sorry for last night and he replied a minute later with "sorry"

Why won't he answer my question, and is it time to just block him?


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  • just block him.


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