I blocked him on Facebook and now he's asking why?

We broke up 2 weeks ago.
He deleted me on Facebook and blocked my number. I got the message so I stopped trying to fix our issues as he made it obvious he didn't want to try to resolve them.

My friends have him on facebook so some of his statuses would be set that only his facebook friends can see and others he sets as public. Funny enough, all the relationship type of statuses are set on public and my friends believe he does it to get a reaction from me... like he says on one "wish I had someone to go to cinema and beach days out with"... I never respond.

I've given up on trying but to stop the temptation of messaging him, I blocked him on Facebook. Within hours he texts me asking why I blocked him on facebook...


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who Obviously Still wears Marks an X in his own softie spot, the time has come down the love line when He... Texts me asking why I blocked him on facebook.
    It's a fresh Breakup here, dear, so naturally he might still be feeling some reeling from this. And also Feels he may have some ridiculous rights in asking you "Why?"
    It's just his way of getting you to respond and then perhaps slap a newbie title on the both of you... Friends.
    It's something many guys throw at you when it's Not quite over but Yet... It's a way of still being together without Actually Being two birds of a feather With... Someone to go to the cinema and beach days out with...
    It's your choice, your call how you want to handle this sand bag boloney. This is one of these situations in a split, where it will be back and forth with media mayhem and then Going and Flowing to Texting and talking because eventually probably both of you will cave in with Unblocking one another and Then... Squawking with something else.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He probably never expected you to block him back.

    • Well he was wrong to think that. But he would bitch about me to one of my friends saying "she doesn't leave me alone" and now that I've blocked him he can no longer bitch about that.

  • Cus he's stalking you too. Maybe y'all had communication issues or just delt with each other better during drama. Either way that's what's going on and now he sees you can't see his post.

  • tell him he blocked you from his life so you blocked his life from popping up on your news feed.

  • just ignore him.


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