Maybe I have a chance?

So i know this guy and he likes me! We went on 5 dates and we had something. We both started the year really badly.. His ex broke up with him and my ex broke up with me. He started to talk to me in May, and thanks to him i have forgot my ex more easily.. Him too but he still suffer from what her ex did to him. I've told him at the beginning that I needed time because i was afraid of suffering again and he said him also, and that we'll need to go very slowly. This was in June. These past 3 weeks he was suffering from the break up and he did some effort to talk to me anyway even if he wasn't in a good mood.. yesterday i've send him a message to say that since 2 days i was also suffering because i was afraid to suffer again and that I felt he was kinda playing with me because he was ok and than suffering everytime since 3 weeks. He told me that he is not ok and that he still can forget what his ex did to him and that he can't go far in our relationship because he is suffering like hell but he wants to be friend and he said and I cite "I've met an amazing girl, and i love talking to you".. I said ok but that I was sad because i like him a lot and that i agree to stay friend because we have good communication and that could be too bad if we stop it here. He told me then, : yeah I completely agree with you, we stay friends and let see what time will do.
So what do you think? if he can forget his ex, maybe I have a chance? I know I should not keep my hopes up
anyonnnne please?


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  • yes if he forgets his X sure u have a big chance wid him as it seems... but it's only up to him to forget her.

    he broke-up wid her recently i guess... didn't he? so i guess he needs some time to think about startin a relationship now... he probably might be afraid of gettin hurt again so he wants to be just friends wid u atm

    • she broke up with him in January, for no reason and he is a very sensitive guy

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    • Even if we had something for like 1 month, and he stopped, you really think that i have a chance?

    • yeah i believe being wid u a lot he'll forget about her easier... he's not much used to u yet i believe

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  • hmmm i kinda remember yer question and if i remember well i said he needs time to open-up and he'll forger his X as time goes by... now seems like he wants friends only.

    i guess he was clear in this part actually ---> "we stay friends and let see what time will do"

    so best u can do's stay friends wid him and see how'll it go. i don't think he'd go mad if u go wid another guy now though... since now u r supposed to be friends only


What Girls Said 2

  • He needs space now. If you respect that he may want to resume what you started in the future. But for the moment my advice is not to expect anything from him so you don't suffer.

  • i read your post and i want you to know that you have to at least study him and know if he will let you in his heart before you keep on hopes or you can email me on my mail so we can talk privately jeremyblunt45@hotmial. com

  • you have a chance.


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