Why does he text me if he's not going to continue the conversation?

My ex boyfriend will text me,(Sometimes out the blue after months of not speaking) and we will talk for a while then after a while he will just stop. He doesn't even try to conversation going. Whats the point of texting me?


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  • He's obviously trying to test the waters with you, to see where you are at with him.

    Second I think their is someone else in the picture, which is the reason you don't get to hear him for months.

    He's probably uncertain of his position with you and also how things are proceeding with that "someone else" so he's trying to hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

    In time everything would reveal itself, you just sit back, relax and watch it all play out on its own, without you being an active participant in his whole fiasco of his.

    • I think there might be someone else too. We been broken up for a while so I would not be surprised. The last time I talked to him yesterday, it turned sexual (as usual). SMH. can't win.

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  • My guess is he probably misses you occasionally and so texts you, and then when he has had his fill he doesn't respond anymore. Maybe testing the waters to see what happens. It's very annoying, I know.

  • He might get busy.


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