Telling ex girlfriend something I don't know if I should have?

Told my ex girlfriend new boyfriend is wrong for her. Said it out of jealousy and she got super mad at me and accused me of telling her what she should do and making her think about it more and I was rude to say that to someone. But the guy is using her for money and makes her buy him things. I was ben honest. Was I wrong to tell her that? I would want her to say something if it was the other way around shows me she cares? I'm not sorry I said it but sorry she got pissed don't know if I should send her a I'm sorry text ot not?
I sent her a text saying I'm sorry for upsetting her that I was out of line and I just wasn't thinking. Of course I want her back but also just want her to be happy and ok. Hope it didn't hurt my chances but now she's ignoring me and I'm sure trying to prove me wrong which I can only laugh at because I know her and it's in my head lol.


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  • I think she got defensive because she knows you are right.


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  • If you want her back then say you are sorry in text and that you were out of line. You sill care for her but you also want what is best for her too. If you keep telling her she is doing something wrong, you will just push her away and she will just try extra hard to prove you wrong and resent you for it.
    Say it even if you don't really mean it. If you want to stay friends in the hopes of getting her back.

    • So is this ok? I'm sorry I made you mad was not my intention to be an idiot believe me it was rude of me to say it without you asking. Of course I'm jealous someone is where I want to be right now and it sucks. Have a good night at work. I'm not always great at talking. Not trying to make you forgive me right this second

    • No... Keep it short. That sounds needy. Say something like I said originally. I am sorry and I was out of line and it won't happen again.
      Short and to the point. Do not go into more detail, you will only be digging yourself a bigger hole and never say you are jealous. She knows you are and she will forgive you in about a week or two. Let her wonder not the other way around. It will hurt you a lot to not contact her, but it will make her think. Only respond when she texts and how she texts. Meaning if she is short with text, you are short. Keep your head up, I promise she will forgive you.

    • She responded and said I'm sorry. But I need space. I just said ok just wanted to let you know I understood why you were up set.

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  • Well if he is using her then she'll see will see it her self cause now she'll just think your hating and just jealous so she'll have less reasons to believe you. If she's no longer mad text her and say you're sorry if she took it wrong


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