How can I control my anger?

I have a lot of built up emotions in me from being hurt in the past. I have a very short fuse and get mad over the littlest things. My boyfriend notices it and so do other people. I try not to get so angry but I just can't control myself. What do I do?


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  • My girlfriend is the same way. I usually try to get her to back out of whatever situation she's gotten herself into, but she finds it easier to vent if we just get talking about it. Like if she gets p*ssed off at something/someone I'll just take her aside and talk to her about it and what's making her mad exactly

    Hope this helps :P


What Girls Said 1

  • im like that and what I learned to do is just talking about it. I was soooooo bad to the point where I needed counciling. finally I did and I have never been happier


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