What can I do to forget a guy that I like but I saw him everyday?

Not sure if this is the correct topic to choose. I don't really have a break up but I want to forget a guy that I like.
We work together and we saw each other almost everyday. He is friendly and try to talk to me if we got chance but when I message him he always felt distant. We talked a lot on message yesterday and i realized that he don't like talking about private life. So I want to give up on him but I will see him everyday. I tried to distance myself last time but failed miserably coz he approached me again and I like him so I'm very happy.
Can I just ignore him then? I want to forget him asap and his cold and hot behaviour make me fed up.


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  • Be realistic. He's not interested. Find someone else better who will treat you like a queen.


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  • Aw, this happened to me too, and it really sucks. And to be totally honest, I didn't handle it well when I was going through it: I already knew he wasn't romantically interested in me, but I continued to act sulky whenever he wouldn't talk to me or talked to other girls, and then I would passive-aggressively confront him whenever he did talk to me. Not pretty, not cool, and I'm actually still kinda embarrassed about it. So, don't do what I did ;-)

    Looking back, I think the best thing I could've done was fully accept the fact that he's NOT interested. Your guy might be completely nice and friendly and talkative, but it's clear that he's not flirting or looking for more, right? So, you have to stop seeing his conversations as potential for "more." They are JUST conversations, and if he's a friendly dude, he's having them with many other people per day. It's just how he is, and there's nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, he is JUST one guy on the planet, and he's just a blip on your radar during this time in your life. Concentrating on your work, meeting other people, and being mostly concerned with yourself are the best ways to distract yourself from him in the short term. It may seem hurtful at times, but I promise that if you try to distract yourself, you will get over it sooner than you think.

    • I know right... but when I meeting and talk to other guy he keep popping in the back of my mind and I feel bad for the guy I talked to.
      I have been rejected twice and it did something to my confidence now. I think I'm unattractive and I will have to end up with guys that only show interest in me. But u see... the problem no guys interested in me...

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  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that all need is help i have also passed through all this and today they are back together if you don't mind i want you to email me on my address so we can talk better i might not be able to tell you all the full story over here this is my email jeremyblunt45@outlook. com i will be waiting for your reply thanks


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