Is my ex girlfriend really done?

About a month ago the girl I had dated for nearly 3 broke up with me saying she wanted to do her thing for a while. This came after a bad fight about me shipping to basic training, but we had dated for 17 months before all this, but she ended it after a bad fight on Halloween then. We briefly talked and she said was completely done and gave me some of my things back, and a picture of us together.. she told people she left because we fought but won't talk to me much at all... I know she knows I love her, she said almost a week after saying she was done that id have to go through hell if she thought we'd work out and still has our pictures on instagram and facebook. The other night I had a reaction to medication for a back injury and she blew up when she heard about it saying I was thoughtless and she doesn't care anymore.. I just don't know what to do. The last night we were together she made dinner for us saying you know a girl loves you when she is fighting you and is really mad but still an cook something for you. We watched netflix together and kissed. She said she loved me then told me let her know when I got home..


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  • this (da one wid her cookin dinner and then u watced netflix together) occured before break-up right?

    anyway yeah it seems like she doesn't care anymore... havin yer pics on ig or fb doesn't mean a lot u know... maybe she just forgot to delete 'em


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