I cheated? On a break, is it over?

Been in a relationship with him for over two years we recently took some time apart because he was lying to me a lot and we came to a mutual break up but we agreed we wouldn't see other people while broken up and if we do it would be cheating. In this time apart, specifically 2-3 weeks later I hung out with a guy friend, whom my boyfriend knows about. It was just us 2 in his car watching a movie and drinking. I didn't want to drink but I did because well I missed my boyfriend then a lot and I just wanted to forget it all for the time being. I became I guess you can say flirtatious with my friend poked him had some laughs and then cuddled. I'm a lightweight, but I wasn't hammered, but yeah you can say I was drunk a bit. He had his arms around my waist I tickled my fingers across his stomach. My boyfriend and I got back together 2 weeks after this and I did tell him exactly what happened between me and this friend. He was really upset but he asked if we could just forget about it completely. To me and to him it's defined as cheating. Right now we're in another break due to a completely different fight. I have a feeling he took the fight as an opportunity to take time apart because he's still upset about what happened between me and that other guy. It's been 12 days since he wanted the break, almost 2 weeks and he only asked for one week apart. I haven't talked to him yet because I don't want to smother him. It's not like him to take longer than the time he asked for so I do feel like it's cause of what I did. Can anyone, guys specifically?, judge what he might be thinking? What could be his next move? Possibly over? Maybe just doesn't still want to talk? ..thanks


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  • if he's really emotional, then he must be crying and trying his best to forgive you and wants to be alone for a while. on the other hand, he lost your trust and maybe thinking if he should stick with you or not. gl...


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