Do you prefer to focus on your heartbreak or forget it?

When you've just been dumped (or had your heart broken somehow) do you prefer to wallow in self-pity for a little while... or immediately do something to take your mind of it?

I don't mean wallowing for months... but for a few days, or even weeks? Do you find it helpful at all? Does it help you come to grips with the situation and then move on?

For those who try to forget their heartache with fun with friends, going out, listening to loud dance music... do you find it makes you forget, or is the heartache just hidden underneath? Does it come back later to haunt you because you never dealt with the feelings?

Personal experiences, please. Thanks.


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  • For me it comes and goes. Like I'll go out with friends and be having fun, and the next day it will hit me. It might even hit me in the middle of the day randomly. I think it just takes time. And it depends on the situation but any break up is hard. You definitely have to accept it, realize its over and deal with the feelings before you really start moving on.

  • I think it's natural to indulge yourself in self-pity for a few days. I usually do that and then I pick myself up and realize it's time to work to get over it. I think it's helpful to do some writing and thinking about it. If you distract yourself right away you might not get to start the grief process as quickly as you want to. I like to start the grieving process as soon as I can because it sucks and I want to get out of it.


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