She's Scared of Relationships?

So there's a girl in my school that I really like, we have exchanged sms messages by flirting and more, I spend all my time in school with her, after a month of seeing each other, talking a lot, and some touching. I found out that a relationship can grow between us, so I told her that we need to take the next step, get out more, see each other more, she said she really liked me but she is scared of getting in a relationship so I asked her why is that, she explained that she doesn't want any limits in her life so now, I have no idea what I should do, I really like this girl do I end everything and remain just friends with her? is there anything I can do, in order to fix things with her?


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  • Not really, a lot of girls at this age are indecisive and picky. Trying to convicne her otherwise might just p*ss her off and show that you don't "respect" her or her actions.

    That doesn't mean that you shouldnt try though she may be different and you could try and convvince her otherwise that you wouldn't be a limitation but it will be difficult.

    Good Luck


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