She's the one but I let her go. How can I show/tell het that I made a mistake and that I want her back?

Broke up with girlfriend because I was stress from work and the way she's been acting. She said she's depress and decide to on on vacation alone (first vacation ever) without talking to me. She's also distance herself, always at home. I've been asking to see her, if I can come over. She's always have an excuse. My last draw was earlier today I was under stress at work so I was ranting on her via text. I even ask her if I can over early so we can hang out then movie, she said no and we just go straight to the theatre. So I snap telling her that I want it over. That I feel like I'm always fighting for the relationship to work and when do I get my "due". She told me if I was sure and I didn't say nothing. So that was it, she didn't even tried to fight for me. I immediately regret it and ask for it back she Said no that I broke up with her already that i should live it now. I tried to talk to her telling her I'm stress and stuff, she said no and I should live with it now. she's the one and I let her go. I tried to apologize but she don't reply. I feel so lost cos I know I called it off out of spite. She think that it was easy for me just like that to call it off as one of my friend said cos she posted that on her facebook. I really want to marry her build a family with her.
I text her but she never respond or pick up her phone.
What should I do now?
She finally respond to my text she told me she need time to think and that it's best not to see each other. she doesn't call/message me anyways. I think I'll let her go.


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  • This ones hard because it is going to be hard to through to her if she's just not responding. One thing that you have to do is find ways to manage or lessen the stress in your life. Snapping and letting the stress affect you like that is not good. You mentioned the way she has been acting also made you do certain things, but how was she acting? Well you cannot force her to respond so this where things get stuck and leaves it hanging up in the air, but there is hope that when you text her she is actually reading them.

    I wouldn't bombard her with text, but I would text her and let her know that you want make changes and let her know how much she means to you and that you don't want to lose her. I would try to see if you could get her to just hear you out one last time. Because you actually had plenty of chances where she did respond to you and in those moments it seems like it was snappy. So if you get the chance to talk to her again pour your heart out, apologize, and let her know how you are going to change.

    • Yes I told her how I feel. She said she need time to think and it's best not to see each other. I'm just going to cut my loses from here.. I loved her but now I'm starting to think that maybe she did the things cos she wants me to call it off.

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    • A little update:
      She said she's depress from her work and our relationship just added stress to her. She told me that she's not ready for a relationship and she wants to focus on her career. I did everything I could. I told her I supported her on her career and everything she do, I can't stay friends with her because I know deep down. It's going to hurt me and I might hurt her if one of us start dating sooner or later. I told her I love her but I just can't be a friend to her. I know she's just trying to not hurt too much by "not ready in a relation". I guess this is done.. Thanks for the reply and advice.

    • Awww sorry to hear it ended that way but at least you have closure, you tried, and now you can move along without wondering.

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  • actually i believe it seems lke she's done wid u...

    so when u were rantin on her via text? wot were u tellin her? maybe this might've pissed her off...

    anyway... u cannot do nothing to change her mind sorry... it's only up to her to change... and she won't do it easily as it seems, since she doesn't even accept yer apology... so better move on


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  • leave her alone and give her time, she has been hurt by you and you need to let her get past the anger and miss you

  • Go up ro her show actions and explain and tell her agin she's hurt the best thing to do is confront her where she can't walk away or go anywhere else she should understand apologize but then if she continues to be not supportive rethink but everything takes time if she's the one you know but the question to yourself is really at the end of the day CAN YOU LIVE ITHOUT HER? and if you can't FIGHT if you can let her go and if she's for you then only God knows

  • Leave her alone for now and let her have space to think and maybe she might miss you


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  • Go to her home and tell Marry me I want spend my life with u


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