I just realized our relationship is similiar to everyone else's? Is there any hope among these relationships?

I stumbled across this question on this site about a girl naming a relationship nearly exactly like my boyfriend and mine. He told her he loved her, wanted to marry her, would never hurt or leave her, reading the responses several of them were in similar situations, all of them ended up falling apart. And it dawned on me that almost everybody believes they'll be with their significant other forever if the feelings are strong enough, and I've watched them fall apart myself. This really depresses me. My boyfriend told me he's different than all the other guys who have said things to these girls. He got me a promise ring to keep until he could afford an engagement ring and I got out of high school. We've done literally everything together, and the feelings have never changed. We work things out and have grown together in many ways, and hearing how these other couples have fallen apart, its making me feel like its inevitable. He's graduating this year and I am next year, he's going into the military which requires him to wait a year to go to college, then when I get into a college he wants to choose one near me. Then from there we don't know what's going to happen, honestly from the bottom of my heart I believe nothing is going to happen to us, and usually when I believe things like that they're true, but I don't know how to feel now, is there anybody out there that actually has had a relationship like this work for them?


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  • From the bottom of your heart you don't think anything is going to happen but with common sense you know that most if not all of HS relationships end. Please don't be so naive to think that your relationship is somehow far different and more special or true. Everyone thinks that about their first love. Every guy tells the girl that they're going to last forever, or they love them, or that they're not like most guys/ girls. Stop thinking with your heart, think with your head and that is the only way any relationship works.

    This story sounds so generic to me its almost ridiculous. Yes it'd be nice if your first relationship was your last but in this society that does not happen. I'm not going to tell you its inevitable because there are always a few few few exceptions. He's going into the military, from a vet that is an extremely time consuming job. College is completely unlike the small bubble of highschool, you'll both meet new people and may even fall in love with other people.

    Enjoy your relationship but don't naively think that anything you've said or done is different from everybody else.

  • If you really trust him then your promise ring won't be taken out at all.

    Its easy to say but hard to maintain.

    All that separates relationship is just your disbelief trust.

    Don't be afraid of other peoples and let things go as they are.



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