Guys; you break up with your girlfriend, why do you still keep old pictures tagged of you together?

My ex boyfriend deleted his Facebook. For a month and a half after the break up of no contact or anything he kept his Facebook deleted. He just got back on it a week ago. Why keep old pictures of us if you lost feelings for someone you dated for the last 2 years of your life?


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  • All the ex's from my past are still on Facebook and still in my memory of things we've done and seen adn experienced. If the breakup wasn't particually harsh then why "destroy" the evide3nce of your time together. Just because something has ended doesn't mean it should be wiped from the earth.

    A girl I dated last year for 6 months deleted her "tag" from all our pics after she ended it and that really hurt. Fair enough to end the relationship, but why eradicate the person from history? why have no evidence it ever happened?

    If there's no need for such over-reaction then just let it go and be glad for the time you had.


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  • So he deleted his Facebook account and then re-tagged/uploaded all the old pictures of you two? Or do you mean he simply did not go on Facebook? Cause if that's the case then he's just leaving the past at what it is, the past.

    • No. Just didn't untag himself from pictures with me and him together. He didt delete old albums or anything. But don't you think he would have deleted that stuff

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    • No, he broke up with me, said he didn't feel the same way anymore. But I don't know. I guess he just forgot them. Do you think I should just go ahead and tag him out of my pics? Should I delete him as a friend. I miss him, but I'm done with trying. He has to do something if he wants me back.

    • I think you should just ignore it and move on with your life. If it really, really bothers you then okay untag yourself and delete him as a friend. But otherwise who cares. No need to completely remove the past unless it's painful for you.

  • If he's proud of you, or wanting to show you off, maybe misses you, regrets something, or even wants you back.

    • Eh, I'm not sure what you mean, by proud, or showing me off. He said he didn't feel the same way about me when we broke up. So, I don't know. He hasn't contacted me in a month and 1/2 going on almost 2 months. So IDK.

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