Is it possible?

When someone break up with you, the one you love told you she doesn't want to be with you anymore and doesn't give you any reason why she is going away and one week after she is with a new guy and you saw her with him. Now it's been 6 months that this happened. Is it possible to no longer have feelings for this girl, but still suffering for what she did and cannot turn the page and do not arrive to get attach to someone because you are still suffering?


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  • So you're asking if a guy you broke up with still has feelings and is suffering because of them six months later when you have a new bf? And why are you asking? Are you just curious or you want him to suffer? Either way, it is possible but not guaranteed.

    • The girl is not me. And i'm curious because i've got something with this guy and he was happy for one month and then suddenly start to suffering again and told me he can't continue because he is suffering like hell and all he will bring me will be pain because he just have this in him for the moment...

  • Of course. It honestly depends on how long the relationship was as well, how mature the man is or how deep he felt about you there's loads of variables here

    • It was a 1 year relationship, the guy is very sensitive and it's not me the girl

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    • Haha ok 😝

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