How do you move on? GUYS.

Alright guys.

YOU DUMP your girlfriend because of your LACK OF INTEREST or because she isn't the one(no cheating on either side). She is a mess when you are done.

Let's say you two dated for a couple of years.

How do you handle the break up?

what do guys do to move on?

How long does it take?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well to be honest, if I'm to the point I'm ready to break up with a woman, especially because lack of interest for any length of time, the 'moving on' process has most likely already begun. I might still miss her for a time, till I 'replace' what we had together with something else, but I wouldn't want to go back to her if I was willing to dump her over such things in the first place. Those things don't change unless people change, and people hardly ever want to change.

    • Good advice. But as for another question, what you broke up, an the moment of a heated argument that kind of lasted about 2 weeks, and you hadn't seen each other for maybe a month or less. what if hte break up was over the phone? I mean can you really lose that much interest in 2 weeks? And I mean, I think people do change. They can.

    • I try to distance myself from 'heated arguments' for the reason that many things get said and done that aren't truly meant, and that end up hurting people. That being said, I've been involved in them, and I don't think I'd ever break up with a woman because of such things. Two weeks? No, but things can be building up over time, and topple over into the 'I just can't deal anymore' category within that time, but there would have to be previous issues beforehand.

    • As for the people change topic. I believe they can change sure, but they have to have a good enough reason for themselves to change usually. If they make it apparent they are willing to give it their all, and make things work, then I won't hesitate to give them a chance to prove it to me.

What Girls Said 1

  • i broke up with my boyfriend 2 months ago and he called me twice drunk and our anniversary he texted me saying that he missed me and what not. I acted cold and he never texted back, now I want him back and I guess he is just involved in his school and work. he is very hardworking guy and I wish him the best. I miss him so much though, and you have no idea how much a girl suffers when there is a break up. and if you broke up with her because you didn't like her or love her anymore than just think if that's what you really want. because then if you regret it, it might be tooooo late and she might end up being with some other guy. and if this is what you want then , hey get over it and do your own thing, don't think about her. don't call her nothing. forget about her and she wil eventually forget about you.


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