How do I get him back?

Well me and this guy the only guy I ever loved yet.. Went out for awhile then I dumped him cause I was scared bout what I was feeling. He says he still loves me but it feels like dido if we go back out. I still love him to and he says he's moved on but I know not completely. What should I do to make him realize that its not going to be that way and I'm serious this time. I will do almost anything please I just really want to get my boy back and show him I'm still his. I know just telling him won't work.

Oh and I've been waiting awhile for him to want me back his friends say he dose but he's just scared.


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  • Ok, so you are the one who broke with him, so I recommend go to see him, and give a smile and small talk, give a simple apology, don't make it too dramatic, and then be nice to him like normal friend,Meanwhile think deep about what you want in life, and whether you can share the kind of with him. that's it!

  • Most guys say that they have moved on, even if they haven't, just keep that in mind.


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