Ex-Girlfriend Is In Another Relationship (Again)?

I was with my Ex-Girlfriend for more or less 2 years. I treated her great and everything was fine with the relationship. During the last couple of months she seemed disinterested to spend time with me, I confronted her about, she broke up with me, said her feelings have changed and within 3 weeks she was with another dude. At this point, I wished her the best and completely exited her life and heaven't heard anything from her for over a year.

Now last month, I surprisingly got an E-Mail from her wanting to catch up with me, I just upfront asked her that what does she wishes to achieve by getting in touch with me now, to which she miserably replied "nothing. Not trying to achieve anything, just kinda wanted to see how you are thats all". I didn't bother replying to this one.

Through her brother, I came to find out that that a couple of weeks prior to her mail to me, she was no longer together with the dude she left me to have a relationship with, who ended it with whom, I don't know, nor do I care. He also mentioned that she's also going out with another dude now and through the pictures it's clear to me that they are a couple now, while her friends are like they look so cute together and all that jazz.

What's with the guys just blindly taking a girl who just came out of a relationship, can she really be in love so fast? Is it an act to make me jealous? Is it a rebound? The whole situation seems more confusing than it really needs to be.

What do you think her motives are at this point?

I have an idea on what's happening behind the scenes, but it's all too confusing to me, it would help me a lot if someone sheds some light on it, thank you for your help in advance.


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  • She's probably not over you either that she wants to be friends. But honestly you should just stop talking to her all together. It really seems like she's trying to string you along as back up if her other bfs don't work out. She's doing that by keeping you as a friend or attempting to. Seems like your not having it and don't have any interest with that idea. But personally if that was me I'd just block her you don't need someone in your life that's going to act immature like that.

    • If she's not over me, then why the heck is she going on with other guys. Since I didn't respond to her email, she's in a relationship with another dude now, which shows me that instead of reconciling with me, she would rather have someone else, which is why I said that whole mail thing after an year of silence seemed kinda moot, when she wasn't even interested in the opportunity of reconciling.

      I personally don't get her actions, she's with someone else now, can she fall in love so quickly? I am being really put off by this whole thing because she's not being truthful about anything with me and operating from behind the shadows.

      If she wants me as a backup, the chances are that the things aren't going as planned for her.

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  • They are rebounds.

    • Are you saying both of these guys are rebounds? She left me to be with the other guy and since it didn't workout for whatever reason, she comes back to me, I didn't give her the response she might have been looking for, she gets into another relationship.

      So both are rebounds? Why go into rebounds, if you can just genuinely talk to me and lay out everything in the open and be honest about it.

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  • i believe this guy's just a rebound and only. it's impossible to fall in love so quickly.

    also keep in mind dat she might consider u a rebound as well, since she texted u so quickly after this break-up

    • So you think that the guy she left me before to have the relationship was the GIGS guy and now the one she's with is a rebound?

      If it is indeed a rebound, I've a strong feeling she would reach out to me again.

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    • good.. so i guess it means u have moved on now right?

    • Of course I've moved on, otherwise I would be asking 'how to get her back'.

  • Just moved on and don't give a single fuck about her...

    She is just using those guys and may even try to use you as a rebound...

    • Well she didn't get anything from me, that's why she probably went with him, who knows if it was to make her newly ex-jealous or its to make me jealous.

      She's not getting anything from me... Unless she lays down everything on the table and puts a sincere effort in reconciling, but let's forget about this, since she hasn't learned how to be on her own yet and always needs to be in a relationship to define her own worth.

  • Just move on and forget her

    • I've moved on, I am at the point if she wants to reconcile great, I'll give it a thought, if not, it's all good, because I can definitely do better, so in the end it's all good for me, the loss is hers, not mine.

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