Getting over my Son Father how do I do this?

I been with my Ex for 8yrs.. never married.. he finally gave Me a Promise Ring.. this past January.. which he knew i wanted engagement... In the 8Yrs I been making him meals everyday.. and when he gets off of work.. pack his lunch everyday for 8yrs.. he never once worried about our son i made sure i laid our sons cloths out.. for school making my son lunch... and doing all this i wrk 6days a week.. i been stressing a lot tired.. our sex life it was hard differ shifts.. no attention i asked him please i need U.. he said people change? because we been together for so long i said why he said they just do.. Then i started talking to other guys online looking for attention.. he said he knew about it but cared not to stop Me Why? But he still wanted to make a baby all the while. He tells me now that the baby was supposed to keep our family together.. i lost the baby.. stress everything.. so finally i asked for his help.. I was Done doing everything so one day.. for example i asked him to empty the dishwasher his response he said every once in ablue moon I help.. or i asked can u make ur lunch two times a week he said to me.. change ur sleeping schedule I need u to. Keep doing my lunch.. i tried asking him if we could make a list of duties to clean house.. he said we know what we r to do.. relizing i do everything.. i dont understand why he didn't wanna try.. he said he just gave up.. he a very depressed guy never drives i drive him around.. doesn't care about much.. he wants us to remain friends.. but he's getting into a new relationship but wants my help still with Apartment.. he denies how close they r.. i question him on that cus.. he tries to get sex from me or just the touching he tries on me.. so one day i looked at his phone never ever until now have i done this.. He has called her Beautiful they talk more than what he says... but wants me to be a friend how can I.. i feel used... Why is it so hard to move on.. Please Help.. make me understand why he acts like he is..


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  • oh fuck... another guy who gave up his family, and this unfotunately happens pretty often.

    anyway... from yer description he sounds kinda mean towards u... he's forcin u to make lunch or do house-duties and he doesn't understand u have other jobs to do. and i wonder y he wanted kids anyway since he doesn't care at all as it seems...

    so u say he wants to get back to u only for sex? that's really sad unfortunately... u shouldn't think about him if he considers u only for sex. if u didn't have kids i'd just tell u to block him... but now he should help at least anyway... he must actually.


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  • Hello i read your post and i want you to know that in life we can take some steps to make sure we have back happiness in our life i have also pass throughall this problem but today am happy back i might not be able to tell you all the full story over here this is my email jeremyblunt45@outlook. com i will be waiting for your reply thanks this will help you a lot and you will always thank me


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